5 Reasons why you need Himalayan Salt in your skincare regimen

5 Reasons why you need Himalayan Salt in your skincare regimen

Himalayan salt is one of Mother Nature's sacred gifts to us. Deposits of this gem are readily found in the Himalayas mountains located in Pakistan.

Himalayan Salt has been praised for being the "King of salts" and the reason is not far-fetched - research says it has over 84 minerals which are beneficial to the body.

How does Himalayan Salt help our bodies?

Himalayan Salt serves many purposes - it is edible, it enhances mental well-being, and is great for physical health. The reason why this sea salt is a favorite of ours is because it plays an important role in keeping our skin healthy.

Himalayan Salt and the skin.

When you use Himalayan salt as a part of your beauty regimen, your skin will thank you for it.

The sea salt which comes in an array of beautiful colors such as pink, orange, and white, offers the following gains to the skin;

  • It improves the appearance of skin with eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
  • It calms skin that has been bitten by insects and speeds up healing.
  • It boosts skin plumpness by offering hydration.
  • It scrubs off dead skin cells leaving your skin baby soft and even toned.
  • It deep cleanses the skin.

Want to have an at-home spa experience? Try a bath soak consisting of Himalayan Salt like the Mama Medicinals Bath Soak to kick back and detox your body after a stressful day.

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