Aniti-inflammatory Botanicals Treating Joint + Muscle Discomfort

Muscle and joint pain can be caused by injury, intense work, sport, and arthritis, but the root of the problem is inflammation.

CBD vs Nano CBD

With Mama’s Medicinals, you can also be 100% positive that our CBD is sourced from the USA, organically grown, and third-party tested. Plus, our products contain 0 chemicals and are vegan,cruelty-free, and even edible, though we don’t recommend eating spoonfuls (lol). All of Mama’s Medicinals’ products are made with love and care, so come join us in the CBD skincare revolution!

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    If you can’t eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin.

  • Making CBD skincare since before it was cool

    Passionately making CBD skincare for 12 years. Made to hydrate dry skin, heal, soothe and delight you!

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