Egyptian Violet Glass

Egyptian Violet Glass

There’s only one kind of glass in the world that filters the sun’s rays perfectly. Allowing the beneficial rays in, while keeping the harmful rays out. Miron violet glass jars protect, prolong and enhance natural products.

To ensure the freshness and stability of our products, we ensure that they are well-preserved. To achieve optimal preservation, we do not only depend on natural preservatives but also take into consideration the type of packaging material that we use.

All of our products are safely stored in Egyptian Violet Glasses. And this practice is an age-long practice. 

A little backstory, over thousands of years ago,  ancient Egyptians stored their herbal mixtures, oils, and medicines in colored jars to ensure that their potency was preserved and to improve the quality of the products. Little wonder, the glasses are known as "Egyptian Violet Glasses."

Our products are stored in Miron Violet Glasses. These glasses absorb only Ultraviolet light and prevent other forms of visible light from reaching stored products. Miron glass prevents decomposition and decay compared to other forms of glass such as amber, brown, black, or transparent glasses.

These are some functions of Miron Violet Glasses;

  • Prevents harmful sun rays from penetrating storage containers and destroying the products.
  • It is a natural filter that permits the absorption of only non-harmful radiation.
  • We are increasing the shelf life of products.
  • Improving the freshness and effectiveness of products by "energizing" the products with positive energy known as 'biophotons.'
  • Reusable and 100% recyclable.

For us, violet glasses offer more than anesthetics. All our violet glass packaging is obtained from Miron Glass.

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