Gender Neutral Skincare: One for All

Gender Neutral Skincare: One for All

When it comes to skincare, several factors differentiate us from one another - skin type, color, texture, skin concerns but never our gender. 

It is commonplace for brands to market products  as "For men" in dark, masculine colors and "For women" in bright, feminine colors and the reason is not far-fetched - it is widely believed that men, women, non-binary and trans people deal with different skin conditions due to their genders.

But is this true? No, it's not entirely true 

Everybody, irrespective of their gender, has similar skincare needs - hydration, sun protection, and anti-aging. So, there is no need to exclude a particular gender from using a certain product. 

Skincare brands need to cultivate the habit of inclusivity - having individuals of all genders in mind when creating a particular product. And this is why a gender-neutral system is important. No stereotype, no bias. 

The  Mama's Medicinal brand breaks gender barriers by creating CBD-based products that are safe and effective for everyone, irrespective of gender. Don't just take our word for it, visit our site and see for yourself. 

Add to that, our packaging is non-gendered based.

When formulating our products, we had many goals in mind and one such is that - No Body gets left behind.

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