Jojoba oil and your skin!

Jojoba oil and your skin!

Jojoba Oil is one of the most applauded oils in the skincare and cosmetic industry. The plant-based oil has been in use for over 800 years. The oil obtained from jojoba shrubs is predominantly found in the seeds. The jojoba shrub is sometimes called coffee nut, goatnut, nutpush, and pignut.

Approximately half of the seeds are made up of the oil. Jojoba oil has a low comedogenic rating of 1 and will not congest your pores. It is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory components, skin moisturizing, and other skin-enhancing properties.

Some of the compounds found in jojoba oil are sterols, vitamins, flavonoids, and triglycerides.

Benefits of jojoba oil to the skin.

  • It moisturizes the skin making it perfect for all skin types.
  • It softens and smoothens the skin.
  • Jojoba oil has a similar composition to the natural oil on our skin. What this means is that it behaves just like our sebum and regulates oil production.
  • It has a high concentration of vitamin E, making it an excellent antioxidant for fighting damage caused by environmental factors such as sunlight, wind, dust etc.

Jojoba oil is a star ingredient in our Vitamin C Serum & Body butter

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