What sets Mamas Medicinals apart?

What sets Mamas Medicinals apart?

Water Soluble Nano CBD: 

The most powerful benefit of water soluble CBD is that it delivers a higher absorption rate. This fine molecule is easy to absorb through the dermal layer of the skin. People being made of mostly water, water soluble CBD penetrates fast.

Violet Glass: 

UV light that comes through these bottles is known for and is used to hinder bacteria development, which is also why it's used by laboratories for water and air purification.

Organic Herbs & Oil: 

We use all Organic oils and herbs. Many of the herbs are grown in Northern California where our products are made. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients is our first priority. 

6 Week Herbal Infusion: 

Many of our products require a 6 week cold-infusion. This is where we soak the herbs and oils at room temperature, stirring every few days for 6 weeks before straining. This cold process will not harm the fine botanical volatile oils. Volatile oils are some of the most important medicinally active plant constituents.

Competitive Pricing:

Skin care is often overpriced; this can be a few things: marketing, packaging, and possibly proprietary ingredients. These proprietary ingredients are oftentimes synthetic. Although Mamas Medicinals products are made with the highest quality ingredients money can buy, the ingredients are edible and the prices are incredibly reasonable.

CBD and Skin Care:

Many studies have shown CBD to help with dryness, Acne and acne scars, Inflammatory skin conditions, Symptoms of skin aging, infection and UV damage and hyperpigmentation.

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