Why Nano CBD is better than other forms of CBD

Why Nano CBD is better than other forms of CBD

Nano CBD

is a type of cannabinoid that is manufactured using nanotechnology. Nano CBD molecules are produced by coating molecules of cannabidiol with minute particles such as lipids and liposomes. 

The aim of creating Nano CBD is to make the CBD molecule more stable and quickly absorbed into the body compared to traditional CBD which is slower and less stable.

Here are some reasons why you should opt for Nano CBD instead of other variations of CBD.

  • It's bioactivity is higher than other forms of CBD
  • Nano CBD particles have increased bioavailability and the tissues of the body absorbs them faster and distributes them quickly into the bloodstream
  • It has a higher absorption rate when taken through the mouth or applied on the skin. The absorption rate of nano CBD is 100%. The absorption rate for regular CBD is around 50%
  • Nano CBD is soluble in water and is easily dissolved
  • It is flavorful with better taste
  • It is stable

Nano CBD alongside other forms of CBD were certified legal by the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2018.

Mamas Medicinals products are formulated with water-soluble nano CBD from cannabis sativa grown in the US

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