CBD and Acne: What You Need to Know

CBD and Acne: What You Need to Know

If you keep a close eye on the beauty, health, and wellness realms then chances are you’re familiar with CBD. Often touted as a miracle ingredient, CBD has been gaining popularity around the globe for its ability to treat or improve epilepsy, insomnia, dental care, mental health disorders, and even skin conditions like acne. In this blog, we’ll take a dive into all things CBD, along with how CBD can help acne and acne scarring.

What’s the Deal With CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that comes from the Cannabis sativa plant (AKA the cannabis or hemp plant). Around 80 different cannabinoids have been found in the plant with THC being the most famous.1 CBD, though, is obtained from hemp, which is a form of the Cannabis sativa plant that only contains a trace amount of THC (0.3% or less), therefore, it can not get you “high.”2

Pictured: CBD vs. THC    Source: CBD Lion

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill) made it legal to sell hemp, along with hemp products, in the US. However, the strictness of laws vary from state to state.3 Also in 2018, CBD was approved by the FDA for the treatment of seizures that are connected with Lennox-Gastraut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome (DS).4 Today, CBD has not only made a splash in the medical world but also in the beauty one.

A Brief Dive Into Acne

Acne is a disorder of the oil glands (sebaceous glands) and the hair follicles. Your skin’s sebaceous glands produce and secrete oils, which are known as sebum, to help keep your skin moist.5 The sebum that your body produces travels through the hair follicles to the skin. However, skin cells are able to plug the follicles, leading to the blockage of sebum. When the follicles are plugged, skin bacteria may begin to grow, which also can lead to inflammation and acne.6

Pictured: Acne formation     Source: Mooresville Derm Center

Pictured: Types of acne     Source: Picky Skincare

Fear not, though; acne is very common; people of all ages, genders, and races have most likely dealt with acne at some point in their lives. In fact, the majority of people in the United States between 11 and 30 years of age will be affected by acne. Even older adults can experience acne! 7

How Can CBD Improve Acne?

CBD is well-known for being able to reduce inflammation, which is supported by a 2017 study published in the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Journal. While CBD is commonly sold to relieve sore muscles and arthritic joints, the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD may also improve acne.8

In a study that was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers found that CBD was effective at reducing the production of sebum, which as we learned above, can lead to acne when too much is produced. The study mentions CBD to have a “remarkable antibacterial activity that is key to fighting acne.”9

Researchers from this study also revealed that CBD triggered an anti-inflammatory reaction within cells, preventing the activation of inflammatory cytokines, which are a type of cytokine (a signaling molecule) that promotes inflammation. Cytokines can trigger acne, meaning that reducing them could prevent breakouts.10

Pictured: Cytokines    Source: Helvetica Health Center

Adding to that, a 2016 study on the cannabis plant focused on its antibacterial and anti-fungal effects. Researchers found that these effects from the plant may help reduce infections from dirt and a multitude of other pollutants on the skin that could potentially lead to acne.11

CBD’s Effect On Acne Scars

Pictured: Types of acne scars    Source: Averr Aglow

It’s no secret that acne often elongates its presence by leaving scarring behind, which actually relates to what’s happening under your skin. "During a breakout, inflammation is happening underneath your skin. This inflammation causes trauma to skin tissue — leading to scarring," says Annie Christenson, a medical aesthetician at Houston Methodist.12

One study that was published in the La Clinica Terapeutica Journal followed 20 participants that had scarring related to acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. The participants were asked to apply CBD to any of their scarred areas twice daily for three months. After the three-month time frame, researchers reported that CBD significantly reduced the appearance of scars.13

Other studies on human cells have shown that the compounds in hemp oil, like CBD, may also visibly improve acne scars by “reducing healing time, boosting collagen levels, and stimulating other healing processes, such as cellular turnover and regeneration.” Thus, CBD may be a good option for those dealing with scarring due to skin conditions like acne.14

Mama’s Medicinals Utilizes Nano CBD To Promote Skin Health

Mama’s Medicinals is proud to be a pioneer of CBD as it’s an amazing skincare ingredient that possesses extraordinary qualities, which is why we’ve included CBD in our Vitamin C Serum and Honey Face Scrub to help promote a nourished, healthy glow. Our formulas are perfect for all skin types, including those dealing with eczema, rosacea, acne, puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles, and uneven skin tones. 

The CBD used in Mama’s Medicinal formulations is known as full-spectrum water-soluble nano CBD, which is made by using nanotechnology that makes the CBD particles smaller. Nano CBD has a 100% absorption rate, whereas traditional CBD oil has a 50% absorption rate. With Nano CBD, you can feel the results faster than traditional CBD as the small particles are able to penetrate the dermal layers of the skin.

Pictured: Traditional vs. nano CBD    Source: Pure Dharma

With Mama’s Medicinals, you can also be 100% positive that our CBD is sourced from the USA, organically grown, and third-party tested. Plus, our products contain 0 chemicals and are vegan, cruelty-free, and even edible, though we don’t recommend eating spoonfuls (lol). All of Mama’s Medicinals’ products are made with love and care, so come join us in the CBD skincare revolution!


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